[Super fuel saving] Received first prize of national science and technology progress for whole vehicle, brand new powertrain, 19 super fuel saving technologies, and the fuel consumption is reduced by 4%.

[Ultra light weight] There are six weight reduction solutions for the whole vehicle, with the weight reduced to as low as 8.35 tons

[Man machine comfort] 3-color fashionable appearance, exclusive color scheme, comparable to 15 super configuration of luxury car, pilot class cockpit.

[Internet smart travel] a new generation of voice control and interaction technology, enjoying the top 10 all-round safe auxiliary driving systems of smart travel.

The X5000 series leads the new era of intelligent driving, and ensure users to enjoy intelligent travel.



  1. Bright enamel red, dream night sky blue and passion lightning orange three color fashion appearance, bead color multi-layer paint coating process, environmental protection water-friendly paint with aging resistance increased by 50%.
  2. The color scheme of pearl deep grey finish,  highlighted black grid, high chrome plated door handle cover, middle coating and the body utilizes chassis spraying technology
  1. Sedan instrument panel,  new cold light liquid crystal instrument , 10 inch 4G intelligent entertainment scareen ,  piano paint baking panel , car fresh air system,  keyboard switch, mobile phone wireless charging, 1200w inverter power supply
  2. Sachs fine standard three-stage shock absorption system, double door seal, 30mm thick floor mat, Gramer pilot class seat, new shape rear-view mirror, full LED headlight with curved lighting, etc., to ensure the driver and passenger a luxury car experience.
  3. A new generation of Internet cockpit fully displays driving data information with easy-to-understand ADAS intelligent interactive system, intelligent voice control system, Dynamic Economic Zone prompt function, professional truck fleet navigation and on-board Wi-Fi.
  1. The new generation powertrain of Weichai 13G improves the control ability and transmission efficiency, and ensures the reduction of power transmission oil consumption by 3%. The new generation FAST SF12 super transmission with full helical gear technology and full gear grinding technology, increases the transmission efficiency by 5%. The new generation Hande hdz440 lightweight drive axle with high gear technology such as full closed-loop processing and high-precision KC bearing, increases the transmission efficiency by 2%.
  2. With the application of six lightweight measures, such as aluminum alloy wheel hub, front axle disc brake, drive axle wedge brake, lightweight transmission shaft, new lightweight polymer material and new optimization of structure, the vehicle self-weight is reduced to 8.35 ton.
  3. Top 10 intelligent configurations and other all-round active safety and auxiliary system applications, from vehicle safety, intelligent early warning, active intervention to all-round escort, applies Tianxingjian v2.0 intelligent vehicle network to provide a variety of fleet solutions, transparent process and fine management.
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