Product positioning: high-end long-distance high-speed logistics delivery tractor, for long-distance rapid logistics, daily industrial products, container transport and other markets.

Main features: high efficiency, low fuel consumption, intelligent, comfortable, matching 10L、11L、12L、13L engine, four-point airbag shock absorption, grammer air seat, double seal and other noise reduction design.

A total of 150,000 units have been sold. In the actual verification, the feedback from the users shows that the comfort and fuel saving performance are comparable to those of European and American trucks.

The vehicle body is automatically welded by robots from the world’s top ABB company. The main welding automation rate is 100%. The welding accuracy is high, the solder joints are distributed evenly, and there is no phenomenon such as desoldering and false welding. It can ensure that there will be no open welding deformation under harsh environments and impact resistance.


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  1. With strengthened design, the cab adopt European frame structure and pass the most rigorous ECE-R29 crash test in Europe.
  2. The vehicle body applies the world’s top ABB robot and KUKA robot automatic welding, the solder joint distribution is even, the impact resistance ability is higher.
  3. Application of polyester material can reduce cab noise greatly and increase insulation qualities.
  4. The front face of the cab adopts the European low wind resistance V-shape design. The whole vehicle passes CFD flow field analysis and wind tunnel tests. At the same time, the design of the cab is optimized, and the wind resistance is reduced greatly.
  5. Combined headlamp is equipped with electric control function, which easy to maintain, and the daytime driving lights make driving more safety.
  6. Aluminum alloy three stage pedal equipped with pedal lights and slip-protection.
  1. American VISTEON sedan interior with pure natural anion fiber fabric, the sleeper width is up to 900mm and thickness of 100mm. The application of off-white fabric, make it warm and comfortable.
  2. Car dashboard with the new German VDO dashboard, has powerful functions and reasonable layout. 5-inch monochrome effect TFT instrument, with high display quality is, the eye fatigue is reduced, thigh picture effect, the cab backlight matching is improved, and the display effect is better.
  3. The multi-function steering wheel integrates Bluetooth call, cruise, multimedia control and other functions to convenience of the operation.
  4. Matching Grammer seat with seat depth adjustment, air lumbar support and other functions. The seat is upgraded to ventilated seat providing occupants with a cool and comfortable driving experience.
  5. Four point air suspension and transverse damping shock absorber improve the drive comfort .
  1. Strong power with large output torque, lower engine speed at maximum torque, best power and explosive force in the industry.
  2. Equipped with dual intermediate shaft transmission with high reliability, suitable for different working conditions, strong climbing ability and high fuel economy.
  3. The axle adopts the European synchronous FAG low resistance maintenance-free bearing technology with independent lubrication system.
  4. Large 1000L fuel tank can ensure sufficient fuel and long mileage without refueling.
  5. WABCO valves with an added air pressure testing interface allowing easy to measure air pressure , braking performance and troubleshooting.
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