L3000 is a medium sized truck for inter-city logistics transportation, municipal sanitation and urban construction, with an economic speed of 40~60km/h.

The total carrying capacity of the vehicle is between 12 and 18 tons.

Main features: light weight, high cost performance, good maneuverability, mainly matching 4L, 6L engines.

Mainly for daily industrial products, cold chain intercity transport, municipal sanitation and other customer groups.

The L3000 model is already a medium-sized truck benchmark in the domestic market and is among the best in mid-size truck sales.

Overseas markets have been exported to more than 20 countries including Russia, the Philippines, Chile, Oman, Jamaica, Cameroon, Uganda, Algeria, Laos and Dominica.


  1. The vehicle body applies the world’s top ABB robot and KUKA robot automatic welding, of which the accuracy is higher, the solder joint distribution is even, the anti-impact ability is stronger, and more safety.
  2. Beautiful appearance, the style reflects serialization and familyization. The front face of the cab adopts the European low wind resistance V-shape design. The whole vehicle passes CFD flow field analysis and wind tunnel tests. At the same time, the design of the cockpit is optimized, and the wind resistance is reduced greatly
  3. Compared with traditional halogen lamp, the clearance lamp, side turning signal, step lamp and reading lamp of L3000 adopt LED light source, which has higher brightness, longer service life, lighter weight
  1. Spacious cabin space(2.3 meters wide of the cab,2.1 meters length of the cab.),metal texture of the interior panel.
  2. Power mirror and electrical heated rearview mirror,electric window lifter,central locking.
  3. The main seat of the L3000 model comes standard with hydraulic seats, which can adapt to the driving needs of composite road conditions;
  4. Standard third seat, water cup holder and storage box on the backrest, convenient and practical;
  5. Piano-type rocker switch, the man-machine comfort of the instrument panel is better, and the air-conditioning controller switch adopts a car-like design to improve the cab grade.
  6. The shape and color of the L3000 door guard are beautiful and generous; The ashtray is integrated on the door trim and is more convenient to use; The size of the door and window is large and the field of view is wide; the size of the door is large, and it is convenient to enter and exit the cab;door and window control adopts controller control mode, high reliability.
  1. Single reduction axle adopts German FAG bearing unit, free maintenance for 500000 km, 32000 N.m of the maximum output torque and 24000 N.m of the maximum braking torque.
  2. The frame adopts high strength steel material, high bearing suspension system for strong security.
  3. 220mm width of brake pad has good braking effect and safer driving.
  4. The 1.7 m length of front leaf spring is the longest in industry.
  5. Aluminum synchronizer transmission is of high transmission efficiency.
  6. High-strength steel, lightweight frame with low self-weight; transmission beam + tube beam structure with great bending and torsion resistance.
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